Miguel Hernández University


To enroll in a PhD program:

Students will receive an e-mail with the instructions and a PIN to be able to self-enroll and pay the corresponding fees. Self-enrollment application.

Documents to be presented:

(Originals and photocopies of documents or an endorsed photocopy)

  • 1. Students partially or totally exempt from an enrollment charge

    • 1.1. Large family (families with three or more children)

      • General: 50% deduction

        Special: totally exempt

        Documents to be presented: current large family certificate

        Important note: if the certificate is currently being processed, this must be accredited for and it must be presented before December 2014, otherwise, it will be ineffective for the 2014/2015 academic year.

    • 1.2. Students affected by a disability

      • Equal to or greater than 33%: totally exempt

        Documents to be presented: disability certificate issued by the competent authority in the Autonomous Community.

    • 1.3. Students who are victims of armed groups and terrorists.

      • Totally exempt

        Documents to be presented: official documents which certify this.

Enrollment must be renewed every academic year (preferably in October) with the "Self-enrollment Application" until the doctoral thesis is presented and defended.

The university card must be applied for in the Campus Administration Center - a passport size photo is required