Miguel Hernández University

Partial university studies


Students who wish to change their course and/or university must meet the following conditions:

  • a) Students with partial or total university studies who have not obtained accreditation of their qualification in Spain, who wish to be admitted to an official degree course in our University and have a minimum of 30 recognized credits.

  • b) Courses with excess demand will require an average mark of 7 (scale from 0 to 10) on the home university academic record. The mark could be lowered if not all places with excess demand are covered, or for duly justified situations (moving family residence, illness, high level and high performance sports people and other causes justified by the Faculty or School).

In any case, admission will entail having at least 30 credits, besides the corresponding end of degree assignment, except under special and duly accredited circumstances.


1. Basic dates in May: From May 5-23, 2014.

2. Additional dates in July: These dates will only be available for those courses with vacant places after the admission process for partial university studies of May 2014. The dates will be from 7 to 31 July 2014.

3. Place: Students should go to the General Register of the University, to the Auxiliary Registers on each Campus or to any of the registers named under art. 38 of the Spanish Public Authorities and Common Administrative Procedures Legal System Act (Law 30/1992):

  • a) To the registers of any administration department that belongs to the General State Administration, to that of any Administrations of the Autonomous Regions (for example, the PROP offices in the Valencian Community), to that of any Administration of the Provincial, Regional and Island Councils, to that of Town/City Councils of the municipalities referred to in article 121 of Law 7/1985 2 April, regulating Local Regime Conditions (Municipalities whose population is over 250,000 inhabitants; municipalities which are capitals of the province whose population is over 175,000 inhabitants; municipalities which are capitals of province, regional capitals or the headquarters of institutions of the regional community, and municipalities whose population is over 75,000 inhabitants, with special economic, social, historical or cultural circumstances.

  • b) To Post Offices, in an open envelope for the Office stamp and with the accredited documents to be presented.

  • c) To Spanish diplomatic or consular offices abroad.


  • • Duly completed admissions application.

  • • Documentary proof of identity: national identification card, identification card for non-nationals, or passport.

  • • Teaching syllabus of the subjects taken and passed in the original course.

  • • If the course is foreign, documents should be authenticated and translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. No type of authentication of documents is asked for if the country of origin is Switzerland or belongs to the European Union or the European Economic Area.

  • • For foreign qualifications, fees of 143.73 euros must be paid for the recognition of credits. The receipt will be sent to students by e-mail from the Study Management Department.

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