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Assurance of quality in degrees


To ensure and improve the quality of its teaching and management, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche has designed and implemented assessment and improvement processes included in the UMH Quality Plan, among which the Quality Assurance System at its centers-AUDIT along with the services and administrative units improvement processes (Plan Director) stand out. These serve the purpose of certifying the quality of our procedures in a relevant, rigorous, and reliable manner.

The Quality Assurance System is designed to ensure the quality of the degrees from the Miguel Hernández University through the use of tools that facilitate compliance with quality standards, permit analyzing strengths and possible areas for improvement, and guide strategic decision-making regarding the quality of teaching in order to meet the requirements approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education in the verified reports for each degree.

The Quality Assurance System has had positive evaluation by ANECA for all campuses and academic programs offered at the UMH since 2009.

Quality seals

Gold-level Recognition for Excellence

Gold-level Recognition for Excellence

On November 21, 2005, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche received Recognition for Excellence-Gold Level 2005/2009. The Valencian Foundation for Quality (FVQ) grants this recognition to public or private entities that submit EFQM reports, meet the model's criteria, and to those that are awarded more than 500 points by the evaluating team.

This recognition is based on the EFQM Excellence Model, one of the quality models used most by European businesses, and that has been adopted as the reference model for all public administrations in Spain.

The EFQM model has served as an essential guide when planning strategy and defining actions to be implemented by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. This model has also encouraged management teams and allowed them to share responsibilities and achievements.

The Award for Excellence-Gold Level (2005-2009), given by the FVQ, is further recognition for the Miguel Hernández University, and it joins other prizes and distinctions the UMH has earned throughout its history. Included among these are the European 500+ Gold Level Seal of Excellence by the European Foundation for Quality Management in 2004, ISO 9001:2000 Certification for R&D Management in 2003, ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Curriculum Design and Teaching Plan Development in 2002, Award for Best Management Practices by the Excellence in Management Club (CEG) in 2001, and ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Student Internships in Businesses in 1999.

European 500+ Seal of Excellence

European 500+ Seal of Excellence

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche was awarded the European Seal of Excellence 500+ in 2004, and was subsequently renewed on two consecutive occasions, the first time in 2007, and then again in 2009.

The UMH earned this distinction following an external assessment performed by AENOR and the Excellence in Management Club. The analysis by both entities reflected very positive evolution with respect to the analysis that preceded it, and highlighted the UMH's considerable advance towards excellence.

The framework for the European Excellence Award was set up to honor organizations that follow a strategy oriented towards excellence and that have achieved their objectives. This award transmits to all audiences that the institution receiving it is one, which in addition to being dedicated to creating more and better production processes, whose management is driven towards excellence, confirmed by an independent entity.

This seal is awarded to organizations whose management is truly outstanding, and as it is given by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), it brings those receiving it international recognition.

The UMH Environmental Office receives ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental Management Systems

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), through its Environmental Office, has obtained ISO 14001:2004 International Certification by AENOR for its activities concerning environmental awareness and volunteerism, as well as for hazardous waste management.

The Environmental Office is the first unit at the UMH to achieve this certification following the implementation and maintenance of an environmental management system. To earn the certificate, the external company AENOR audited the different UMH campuses and verified that the activities there are carried out with the utmost respect for the environment and, therefore, that they comply with environmental legislation as well as with the commitments adopted in the UMH Environmental Policy.

The UMH plans to expand the extent of certification to other University services, with the objective of improving their activities environmentally.

AENOR - ISO 9001 Certification of Quality

AENOR/IQNET - ISO 9001/ISO 9002 Certification

ER-0589/1999. Quality system certification for student internships at businesses.

ES-0217/2003. Certification of research, development, and innovation management regarding promoting and counseling research personnel in the negotiation and establishment of R+D+I agreements. The dissemination and transfer of R+D+I results and patent processes.

ER-0869/201 Certification for breeding and maintaining experimentation animals and technical assistance to research.